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Counseling Resources

vcs-2At Vermont Commons School we have a Director of Counseling who works with students on a short-term basis to assist with emotional challenges that arise within the middle and high school experience.

If during short-term counseling emotional issues are identified that need additional work or therapy in a long-term setting, the Director of Counseling works with the student and family to put together a referral list of appropriate professional therapists who would be a good fit for the student.

Vermont Commons School does not provide long-term therapy and is unable to accommodate students who are in need intensive therapeutic intervention within the academic setting. Vermont Commons School will support and advise families on how to access resources in the community for social and emotional challenges, however each student will be still be responsible for adhering to our attendance policy and student code of conduct.

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At Vermont Commons School, our goal is to engage students with their world. We achieve this through programs and a curriculum grounded in local and global involvement.